services to individuals

Efficient planning and proper anticipation of events lead to greater freedom of movement as well as substantial savings. Individual administrative obligations are the least desired. As financial and fiscal engineers we help you plan for a comfortable and enjoyable future. This is a list of what we can accomplish for you:

1- Tax Optimization

  • Tax planning, evaluation and optimization (DTA)

  • Resident directorship

  • Relocation in appropriate jurisdiction

  • Strategic asset protection

2- Tax, accounting and planning services

  • Tax return and verification of your tax bill

  • Tax negotiation and ruling (through our network of tax lawyers)

  • Retirement planning

  • Inheritance planning and management

  • Pension schemes

  • Property tax assessment and declaration

  • Accounting (Swiss CO, Swiss GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS, etc.)

  • Global custody (consolidation of multiple accounts in different banks)

3- Relocation

  • Change of domicile

  • Housing (identification, negotiation, purchase and sale)

  • Family relocation and schooling

  • Administration assistance and domiciliation

  • Tax compliance (income tax, etc.)