about us

Swiss Fiduciary & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. (SFAS) is a fully integrated service provider in the areas of trust, corporate structuring and administration services for resident and non-resident individuals, families and small, medium and multinational corporations. Through its exposure to all aspects of businesses and family life, SFAS can also provide family-office services to its referred clients.


The political stability and a business oriented government allowed Singapore to become one of the most sophisticated and important financial centre in the world and certainly the most influential in Asia. Its adherence to the rule of law, its pragmatism in handling complex social and business issues, and its openness to the ideas of the world have made Singapore one of the most open countries for business.

We endeavour to find, for corporations, solutions to complex problems in the area of tax optimisation, corporate structuring, administration of complex structures and for individuals, we help you plan, organise, structure and administer your wealth. We also ensure that your wealth passes to the next generations in clear and organized way. Outsourcing your administrative affairs frees you to concentrate on your business cores.

Our team is multilingual and are updated on all aspects of legal and taxation developments locally and internationally. This enables us to serve fully, efficiently and effectively your family and business interests whilst maintaining the highest standards of business and moral ethics in our conduct.


SFAS is 100% privately owned, and independent.